in 1/144" Scale and N Scale

A passion for Victorian architecture and a love of miniatures inspire me to create enchanting tiny mansions with picturesque landscapes.  My miniatures career began in the late 1980's when I built and furnished 1/12" scale dollhouses.  Customers included FAO Schwarz in New York City and Malcolm Forbes. 

I put away dollhouses for many years, but in 2012, I was drawn again to the world of miniatures.  This time around, the challenge of a smaller scale was irresistible.  My hope is to broaden the appreciation of Victoriana and miniatures.

Kathy Walsh

People have asked about the materials in these miniature houses.  The Northeastern Scale Model (NESM) dollhouse kits, some of the finest in my opinion, are made of wood (see kit, before paint and assembly).  Sadly, NESM closed its doors early in 2016.  Their line of kits was sold, but the new owners chose to discontinue the larger, iconic Victorian models such as the Garfield, Beacon Hill, Queen Anne, Philomena, Gingerbread, and Victorian (aka Beaumont).  Some earnest Googling on my part has not unearthed a single one these kits for sale, at any price.  I was lucky to have purchased several before NESM closed their doors for the last time.

Model Power's N Scale Victorian House, is made of injection-molded plastic.  The company is still around, but they stopped producing the Victorian House years ago.  As of this writing, there is only one kit available for sale on eBay, and it's described as "RARE."

The dearth of microscale Victorian mansions is surprising, given how popular hobby trains continue to be.  Are present-day modelers creating scenes with only train stations and industrial buildings?  If you've ever travelled by rail, you know that even today, many train routes are lined with charming Victorian houses.

I'm hopeful that 3D printing will come to the rescue, along with permission from current owners of extraordinary residences to allow 360° photography of their homes!

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